Nails Services

Manicure $18

Shaping, buffing of the nails followed by a light soak, cuticle treatment, massage, and polish.

Shellac Nails

Shellac Manicure $28

Shellac Manicure + Collagen Glove $31 (Special)

Shellac + Regular Fill Acrylic $33

Shellac Without Mani $22

Shellac Without Pedi $21

French or American $5 extra

Shellac Take Off $7

Artificial Nails Enhancement

Optional: Any Gel Top Coat will adding $3

Full Set $32

Fill $22

Color/ Pearl Tips Full Set $36

Color/ Pearl Tips Fill-in $22

Pink/White Solar Powder Full Set $45

Pink/White Solar Powder Fill-in $33

Optional : Any Gel Top Coat will adding $3

Additional Service

Polish Change $10

French/ American $5 extra

Nail Take Off $10

Nail Repair $3 & up

Nail Design $5 & up

Add Warm Paraffin Wax $5

Pedicure Services

Express Pedicure $23

- Trim cuticles, cut and shape your toes nails.

- Massage your foot with Lavender lotion & hot towels.

- Ending with choice of polish.

Spa Pedicure $28

- Included Express Pedicure

- Plus:

- Callus remover

- Apply a sugar scrub to exfoliate

- More massage

- No Hot Stone

Deluxe Pedicure $35

Included Spa Pedicure

- Cream mask wrapped with the hot towel to soothe & moisturize your foot.

- Enjoy foot massage using hot stone and warm lotion.

Luxury Pedicure $42

All steps of Spa Pedicure

- Plus:

Please choose your favorite scent for Sugar scrub:

Lavender - Orange - Cucumber Melon - Tropical Guava - Rose - Mandarin - Mid Summer Rose

- Warm paraffin wax

- Sole Solution Foot treatment

- Adding more time massage.

Note: Shellac with pedicure...$10

Kid's Pedicure $20

- Spa therapy for anyone 10 and under 10 years old. Treatment includes soaking, nail trimming, wrapping feet in warm towels massage and polish.

Pedicure Products

Paradiso Nature Pedicure $52

- All step of Deluxe Pedicure

- Plus:

- Follow with Milk & Honey Sea Salt Moisturizing Exfoliate and foot massage

- Hydrate with Deep Dermal Transforming Wrap in steamy hot towels

- Extra massage with Cuccio Hydrating Massage Creme

- Final applying moisturize cream Cuccio Milk & Honey Butter Blend

Special: Adding Collagen Sock + Shellac (gel) only $8

Garden Herbal Pedicure $57

With 5 Different Recipes:

1. Rejuvenation

Relax and rejuvenate at the same time

2. Muscle Tension Relief

The Perfect treatment for sore, aching muscles.

3. Herbal Detox

Rich with antioxidants to help detoxify the body.

4. Mental clarity

Designed to benefit both mind and body.

5. Calming Tea Time

As relaxing as a cup of tea on Saturday afternoon.